About Me

In my younger days, I snuck out of bed far too often to read by the glow of my nightlight.

Not much has changed in 20 years, except I’ve learned to keep the light on and my late nights now consist of reading AND writing.

An absurd portion of my little Midwestern duplex has been taken over by books.

I’m lucky enough to write in my day job, too! As a public relations counselor, I get to craft stories, messages and copy for a variety of audiences and styles—I even wrote a comic strip for a hospital once.

When I’m not glued in front of a computer or writing notebook, I’m probably out on the lake with a nice cold drink in my hands or exploring the northwoods.

What I Write
My first love is fantasy! Anne McCaffrey opened my eyes to dragons in grade school, and I’ve been spinning my own worlds ever since. I’m currently working on a space-opera and two epic fantasies, as well as outlines for a middle grade fantasy series and a historical fantasy.

I’ve also written several short stories. You can find my story Running in the Dark in the Soundings Review and paired with a second story, Being Batman, in my e-short Running in the Dark. Also, check out Phoenixes, my entry for Overcoming Adversity - an anthology with a great cause!

And, just for fun, here's my take on what really happened at Cinderella's ball.

Need to Reach Me?
I’m just an email away: nicole [dot] r [dot] singer [at] gmail [dot] com. That’s three dots for those keeping score at home.