Don’t Think. Just Write.

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In honor of baseball season (and partly because my local Brew Crew isn't lookin' so hot in the standings), I give you writing advice from Crash Davis. For those who haven’t seen Bull Durham, Crash is a wise(ass) veteran catcher who comes in to train talented but immature rookie pitcher Nuke LaLoosh.

One of Crash’s mantras is:

“Don’t think. Just throw.”

In other words, get out of your head and just do it already.

It works for writing too. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in...
  • “Will this plot work”
  • “Am I good enough”
  • “Does this genre still sell”
  • “Insert randomly-generated author panic phrase here”
...that we overcomplicate things before we’ve even begun.

Next time you’re stressed about putting words on the page.


They’ll be time for worries and questions later. For now, don’t think. Just write.

*Brownie points for adding your favorite Bull Durham quotes in the comments trail.


  1. I think that is my problem with this third revision; too much thinking!

  2. That's what I do during the first draft - I don't think, I just write.
    And the only thing I remember from Bull Durham is Susan Sarandon exclaiming that she can't get laid.

  3. Great advice! I tend to do a lot of thinking during my first draft, which is probably why I take so long to complete it!

  4. That's a mantra I need when I write. I get bogged down by the details it stops the flow. Just write. I like it :)

  5. Yep, can't go wrong with that advice! A first draft isn't the time to be thinking about what will sell.

  6. Jenn - No more thinking! ;)

    Alex - Oh man, she's the weirdest thing about that movie.

    J.C. - I've been there too, where it takes so long to do a first draft.

    Jamie - Keep it flowin'!

    Nick - Exactly. Save that thinking for later drafts.

  7. perfect advice! i was yelling that a lot to my son's team this weekend. they did well against some stiff competition!

  8. This is great advice! It's always nice to write without thinking and revise later.

  9. Fantastic advice! I think that's what slows me down the most when writing--I'm thinking too much!

  10. When you can get out of your head and just write...things begin to flow. We need to hear that kind of advice from time to time because all those writers fears can be paralyzing.

  11. Tara - Good for them!

    Gina - Yup, the revising part is just as important. But you can't get there until you crank out that first draft.

    Cherie - I give you permission to stop overthinking. ;)

    Michael - Exactly!