Onscreen Authors We Love: Alexandra Rover

Next up in our onscreen authors series is Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster) from Nim’s Island.
Seems like most people weren’t overly thrilled with this movie, but I loved her character in it. She plays a terrified, hypochondriac author who’s literally afraid to leave her house…and she writes adventure novels!

Across the world, a young girl who adores the novels writes to Alex thinking she’s the novel’s main character, who is first-of-all a guy and second-of-all a very Indiana Jones-esque guy portrayed by Gerard Butler. Not at all what Alexandra is in real life.

Alexandra wants to help but really, really doesn’t want to leave her house.

Enter, her main character.

She imagines him teasing her and chiding her to get out there and have a real adventure. Their imagined arguments are hilarious, because as authors, I think we've all had these conversations with characters.

It’s really fun to see this writing dynamic onscreen. And it supports my belief that, by creating our characters, we’re pushing ourselves to be better people in the real world too.


  1. I really like this movie because I sometimes wonder how true it is for some of us writers. Our manuscripts (and reading books in general) let us experience adventures and see or do things we never could or would in real life. Of course, I don't know of many people who lock themselves in their house all the time.... however, sometimes I feel like that's happening when I'm stuck in my latest WIP.

  2. I've never heard of this movie. Thank you so much for the tip. So many movies are pushed aside in today's need for the quick buck and we never learn about the real gems.

    I'll keep an eye out for this one. Thanks again.

  3. I have arguments with my characters all the time! *LOL*

  4. Great post! I think we all are just a step away from a slight (or not so slight) schizoid disorder. Oh, but how much fun it is! =)

  5. I enjoyed this movie, too. I have conversations like that all the time. Lol

  6. I hadn't heard of this movie, but it definitely sounds interesting. I love the idea of an adventure writer being afraid to leave the house. :)

  7. We certainly live adventures through our characters.

  8. Can't believe I've never seen that movie. Heard about it often enough. Hmmmmm. Maybe its time to add it to my queue! :)

  9. I haven't seen the movie, but I agree with your sentiment. I'm happy enough to live vicariously through my characters, though!

  10. I loved laughing at Jodi's character because I saw myself in her too often! It was hysterical.

  11. T. Drecker - So true! ;)

    Huntress - You're very welcome. Hope you enjoy it!

    Christine, Gina and Miranda - Me too. :)

    Cherie - It is a pretty hysterical premise to have an adventure writer afraid to leave the house.

    Alex - Definitely!

    DL - Enjoy the movie.

    Nick - Yes, it's fun to go on armchair adventures, isn't it? :)

    Ali - Same here.