Don’t Stop Writing: A Reader’s Plea

All you fellow writers out there, please: Don’t stop writing. Because, as a reader, I need you. When I drag my butt home from a long day of work, cranky, brain-fried and world-weary, I NEED to curl up with a good book.

I need escape.

I need to believe in wonder and in heroes.

I need to laugh and cry along with my favorite characters.

I need magical distraction.

I need brilliant, flowing, witty language that makes me forget the day’s mind-numbing conference call that made even my eyeballs hurt.

I need to feel the heated rush of romance, the heart-pounding intensity of fast-paced action and the true loyalty of friends.

So, please, don’t give up. Because the reader in all of us needs the writer in us to persevere! (And because I'm always looking for new books for my shelves!)

What do you need from a book at day’s end?


  1. I solemnly swear to keep writing! *salutes*

  2. Good list.

    I need to believe that people are essentially good and that things can always get better.

  3. You've covered a lot of the good ones.

    I'd also add new ideas/new insights/new perspectives, etc.

  4. Love the additions, guys! Thanks!