What Happened to February?!

Holy hamburgers, Batman, how is it already the last week of February? It seems like I was just here doing an update, but work, life and a little bit of vacay have kept me MIA for three whole weeks!

Good news is we have lots of stuff to catch up on. Here's a recap of the month:
  • If you missed the latest #4Writers, browse the summary for quick writing and editing tips from my CP group.
  • In the mood for some classic 80s fantasy? Goonies, anyone! Check out my list of favorites over at Fantasy Faction
  • Kudos to blog buddies David Powers King and Julie Dao for a great book launch and for signing with an agent respectively. Way to go, guys!!
  • I always try to do a bit of a "Writer's Travelogue" when I go anywhere. This time I  toured Ernest Hemingway's home and writing studio in Key West. Writing with windows open to the tropical breeze = not a bad life.
A 360 view of Hemingway's writing studio

On the writing front, I haven't had nearly as much time to jump into my steampunk YA as I'd hoped, but the good news is the ideas and characters are as strong as ever and still beating my brain to make it onto the page. Hopefully, March will free up a little so I can tackle it more.

I also have a fun blogging project rolling in the background that has me so, so excited! I'm hoping to share more soon, so stay tuned!!

How about you? What are you writing these days? Stuck on edits? Excited about a shiny new idea? I love hearing about it.


  1. Hope you get to start your writing project in March. I'm hoping time starts opening up for me to start writing too. Looking forward to hearing news from you.

  2. Not sure where February went.
    Cool you got to tour the house. Hope that inspires you to write next month.

  3. I hope to get more writing time next month. 2015 has been quick so far!

    That's cool about Hemingway's house.

  4. Natalie - Me too! Good luck in finding time - it's a tricky business.

    Alex - Haha. Glad I'm not the only one wondering where it went.

    Nick - It's been super quick! Hope you find writing time as well.

  5. It's crazy this time thing. Where'd 2014 go let alone February. Writing? I'm writing blog posts like usual. Probably should cut back on 'em but that's what I do anymore--blog posts.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  6. I need a vacation to myself just to write because everything else keeps getting in the way. Lol. I know, February was a blur. I'm plugging away on my current manuscript, hoping to finish in another month's time. Hopefully, March will slow down a little.