My Favorite Fantasy Speeches

We all have favorite speeches that make us stand up and cheer … or sniffle … or kiss three fingers and volunteer as Tribute. When we need the inspiration, they bring it in a big way. Here are my top seven. Be ready to be energized!!

6 & 7 – Princess Bride Mash-up
We start off with a duo of speeches from the most quotable movie of all time. Westley’s “To the Pain” speech, for when you need really creative ways to embarrass your villains, and the best less-than-15 vengeance speech ever written.

5 – Mikey’s Wishing Well Speech from Goonies
I have a thing for Sean Astin delivering speeches. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I love them! Goonies, Rudy, LOTR! This is the first of two appearances by his characters on this list, and it’s one I’ve had memorized since I was about seven. When Mikey says, “It’s our time down here,” I just want to run off on an adventure. Who’s with me?

4 – Mel Gibson in Braveheart
Okay, this isn’t really fantasy. But c’mon, it’s Mel Gibson! Speaking brogue! In a kilt on a horse! Besides, the world basically implodes if this one isn’t included in lists of top power speeches.

3 – Aragorn’s Battle Speech at the Black Gate
Heck yes, this would convince me to stand against Sauron!

2 – Sam’s “Holding On” Speech in the Two Towers
Sean Astin speech #2! Ah, guys, who hasn’t asked themselves similar questions or voiced similar doubts at low points in life? Sam says what we all wish we had the courage and stalwart belief to say, and he reminds us of what truly matters. Go Sam!!

1 – President Whitmore’s Speech from Independence Day
Game. Set. Match.


  1. Haven't seen all of these but loved Sam's speech in the Two Towers. Love fantasy movies and how they are also often inspirational.

  2. I have to add another one from The Princess Bride: Vizzini's Battle of Wits speech. They're all so good. The Braveheart Freedom speech still gives me chills.

  3. Natalie - That's one of the things I love most about fantasy, and Sam's speech is such a wonderful example.

    Alex - Heck yeah, it is!

    Michael - Oh, good one! Vizzini's got a couple of great mini-monologues, and yup, I hear you on the Braveheart speech.