Story Songs - F: For Good


Welcome back for the second week of A-to-Z! Get your sing-along lungs ready, we're kicking things off with Wicked's "For Good." I love this song for it's lyrics AND the melody. So beautiful and touching! I'm also nominating the ENTIRE Wicked soundtrack as an amazing story song. It's been one of my favorite steering wheel sing-alongs since before I actually saw the play.

Here's Elphaba and Glinda singing their hearts out!


  1. Love this for the same reasons as you do.

  2. Can't watch the video right now, but just to let you know I was here.

  3. Musicals are a great place to find narrative songs. I'm also quite fond of some of Stephen Sondheim's pieces--Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George and many more--he has some really clever ones.

    Happy A-Zing
    Laurel's Leaves

  4. I've not had an opportunity to see this musical yet.

  5. I'm afraid I haven't seen it either.

  6. Love your song blog! Lion King music is amazing - our students love listening to them also! I quickly ran through your blog and have to agree with you on all of your songs - inspiring, great musicians! Thank you for your posts as I sing!