Top 10 Ships (Space and Nautical) of All Time

So, it occurs to me that I must really like ships. My first series features a fleet of tall ships—I toured several and sailed in one as part of my research—and now I’m in the middle of a space opera…with ships of a different kind! I even have a secret query ship, but that’s a story for another day. There’s just something grand and cool about how a ship can take you away.

And, of course, when I realized that, I couldn’t resist a countdown. Here are my favorite fictional sea and space vessels. What are yours?

10. The Boru Karn, Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark
Props to Linnea Sinclair for making me love a ship I’ve never seen on the big screen. She’s got great description not only of the ship, but of how it moves through space. And, like so many others on this list, it’s got a charismatic captain!

9. The Sky Vessel, Stardust

It’s a tall ship. It flies. It catches lightning. That’s the trifecta! Throw in its colorful Captain Shakespeare, and you can’t lose.

Stardust (2007)
8. The USS Enterprise, Star Trek
Before people get all feisty, this ranking says more about me than the ship. I came to the series late and have mostly only seen the new ones, so I feel like I can’t *really* do the ship full justice. Though it is one awesome ship!

Star Trek (2009)

7. The Indefatigable, Horatio Hornblower
My mom loves this series, and I got hooked on the VHS’ before I got the DVD player set up in my apartment. It’s partly the inspiration for the name of my most recent spaceship.

In C.S. Forester's Hornblower Saga, what is the name of the ship that [b:Mr. Midshipman Hornblower|84748|Mr. Midshipman Hornblower (Book 1 of the Hornblower Saga)|C.S. Forester||3144740] first serves on?
From Goodreads

6. Shield’s Helicarrier, The Avengers
Why has no one actually created this yet?! It makes the list for sheer awesomeness of concept.

The Avengers (2012)

5. Serenity, Firefly and Serenity
They made this ship come alive! It felt like a home to the characters, and I couldn’t get enough! She’s scrappy and beat up, but still kickin’. Just like Mal.

Still of Joss Whedon in Serenity (2005)

4. The Inferno (AKA One-eyed Willie’s ship), Goonies
The one that started it all for me. I adore this movie, can quote every line, and when the ship sails free at the end I want to pound my chest in joy just like Sloth.

From Goonies.Wikia

3. The Millennium Falcon, Star Wars
C’mon, it made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and gave us Han and Chewie. What’s not to love?

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

2. The Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean
You may have heard of her captain, the incomparable Jack Sparrow. Plus, this is just a downright gorgeous ship.

From Pirates.Wikia

1. Moya, Farscape
She’s a living ship. She gives birth to a baby warship. Game, set, match!

From Farscape.Wikia


  1. The Enterprise is so pretty and shiny though! ;)

  2. The Sky Vessel sounds cool, especially since it catches lightening.

  3. so many cool ships!! i love how you combined sea and space - they're very similar - mysterious and treacherous, needing vast vessels to traverse them!!


  4. This is a great top 10! I don't know much about sea-faring ships, but I'm loving the spaceship choices. So glad the Falcon's in there, and number 1 couldn't really be anything else.

  5. Some excellent choices! The Serenity is a must on any list. And Moya - haven't watched Farscape in years. Cool show.

  6. Love the ships. Have only sailed on earth based ships but I would love to go on the Indefatigable, I was an avid reader of Hornblower (still have the books) Enterprise is another I would like to sail on to.

    Popping in to visit from the A to Z. I am one of the minions for Tina's Terrific Team. Welcome to the Challenge. Anything I can help with, let me know.


  7. I forgot to say if you are still planning to do the A to Z Challenge, you need to pick up the badge and display it on your blog.


  8. Okay, I am super lame when it comes to ships! I have so much to learn! But.. I will add that I love the ship on Disney's Treasure Planet! Does that count?

  9. Great choices. My top two would be the Black Pearl and the USS Enterprise.

  10. Loved your list and I totally agree with #5, 4, and 3 with a nod at #7 - such a great movie.

  11. I love ships too! I have ship bookends. They're snazzy. Great picks!

  12. Love your top ten list! Moya is definitely my favorite too.

  13. Miss Cole - Heehee, I know! I LOVE it in the new movies.

    Natalie - That's a pretty cool trick, right?

    Tara - Yes! I love the possibilities that come with both sea and space.

    Heather - So glad you enjoyed it! Gotta love Moya.

    Alex - Both great shows!

    Jo - Thanks! Sailing on the Indie would be amazing.

    Leigh - Totally counts! ;) I'm a huge Disney fan.

    Cherie - Great top two! They're both awesome.

    mshatch - Yay! I had to put the Goonies one on there for sure. ;)

    Emily - Those bookends sound great! I have a pair that are old-fashioned navigation globes.

    Christine - She really can't be topped. ;)

  14. Now, if only we could just go for a ride on each one. I like the mix of tall ships and spaceships.

  15. I loved that ship from The Goonies. That is one of my all-time favorite movies.

  16. Great list! I've always loved Star Wars, so the Millennium Falcon is definitely one of my favs. Moya looks really cool; I've never seen Farscape.