Funny Failsafe Blogging Tips for Writers

Or, you could rely on the luck o' the Irish!

1. Keep it short
I love me a nice thick door-stopper series, but save ‘em for the book shelves, not your blog.

2. Be consistent
Blog on a regular basis and try to stick on a common theme – even if it’s a broad one.

3. Lists are your friends
A) They help you keep things short. B) They can be applied to just about any topic. C) Everyone loves a good countdown. See what I did there?

4. Use photos. Especially funny photos.
Readers love these, but be careful to use them responsibly. Either use your own or make sure the ones you do use are rights permissible, and always give credit.

5. When all else fails, mention Firefly and/or Joss Whedon.
Seriously, this is like catnip for us sci-fi and fantasy folks! We sense when it’s out in the blogosphere and will flock to blogs that have anything remotely related in their post titles.

How about you? Got any tips up your sleeve?



  1. Very valuable tips for blogging, ones I'm trying to remember with my posts these days.

    Plus, love Firefly!

  2. Thanks for the tips. They are all so true, though I know I break the rule to keep my posts short.

  3. When all else fails, post a photo of a cat. Preferably one in a bad mood. :)

  4. But then you have to have a cat.

  5. LOVE THEM ALL! Great tips! I hope everyone will read these!

  6. Heather - Shiny!

    Natalie - I think we all get tripped up by that one sometimes. :)

    L.G. - Ooh, good one.

    Alex - ;)

    Jo - Ha, true...and I don't.

    Lynda - Right?! I thought so too.

    Leigh - Glad to hear it.

  7. I should do a better job of following these guidelines. I've had a hard time developing my own blogging theme to carry through my posts. Firefly is awesome!

  8. Ha! I go to Joss Whedon too. Excellent tips! :)

  9. Awesome, finally a cool set of rule to follow. I love countdowns too.

  10. Great tips. Perhaps I'll become a more consistent blogger. :)