Coin of the Realm

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We fantasy writers love to add currency to our worldbuilding tool belt, and our crazy imaginations have given us some pretty out-of-this-world coinage.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and, let’s face it, it’s fun, so you totally should!) – match up the fantasy coin with its correct realm.

1.    Crown                                               A. Chronicles of Narnia
2.    Lion / Crescent                                 B. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Cycle
3.    Galleon / Sickle / Knut                     C. Sanderson’s Mistborn Series
4.    Clip                                                   D. Paolini’s Inheritance
5.    Kalganids                                          E. GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire
6.    Copper Jot / Iron Drab                      F. Harry Potter
7.    Silver Stag                                        G. Asimov’s Foundation series
8.    Flanian Pobble Bead                        H. Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles

Key: 1-D; 2-A; 3-F; 4-C; 5-G; 6-H; 7-E; 8-B

Did you win? Reward yourself with a hefty purse chock full of your currency of choice! Or sign up for PayPal Galactic.

And, just for fun, got any made-up currencies in your own novels? You’ll need galacs or helons to trade in my latest star system.

Insights from Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one of the writers I most admire. He was in town this weekend for a signing, and my friend and I got to listen to his talk during the event. He shared lots of fantastic insights on his own publishing journey, and I wanted to share two that particularly struck me:
  1. He advised writers not to pigeon-hole their current book by pressuring it to be the game-winning home run--maybe it will be, and that's great--but more likely, it's akin to training and batting practice so that in the future, you CAN hit that game winner. Write for the joy, write to develop your skills and become a student of the game.
  2. He also said something like, "If I die with 150 unpublished novels in my closet, I'll be a happy man, because I'll have WRITTEN the stories I believe matter, the ones I believe in." It was such a refreshing view of success!
 Hope those words bring a little encouragement for any of you who need a boost.


  1. I recognised some of the currency, but haven't read all the books. I hadn't even remembered Narnia had a currency.

    I too love Brandon Sanderson's books. How wonderful to have been able to see him at a signing and listen to his advice.

  2. I almost got all the currency matches! Excellent advice from Brandon Sanderson. I already have a stack of manuscripts in the closet. :)

  3. I am so bad at this!! I needed to come up with a new currency for my novel and I hit total writer's block. So uncreative in this area. But these have given me a few leads on ideas. Thanks.

  4. I hear the greatest things about Brandon Sanderson. I'm stoked to hear him at the Storymakers Conference next month. He is obviously one worth listening too. Thanks for sharing those tidbits, and fun game too! I didn't do too well, but I had fun trying! :)

  5. I knew some of those. And that's so cool you met Brandon Sanderson. He's one of my writing heroes.

  6. Very cool! I like the insights you shared from Brandon. He sounds like a very cool guy.

  7. Those are some very inspiring bits of advice. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  8. I recently gave myself permission to write the book I needed to write and not worry about it's success. Brian sounds like one smart guy.

  9. Jo - Glad you got some right! It was a great experience to be at the signing.

    Alex - Haha, well it's better than none I guess. ;)

    Christine - Way to go on those matches!

    L.G. - Glad to help. I love coming up with currencies and little world-building details, but it can definitely be tricky sometimes. Good luck!

    Leigh - Storymakers always sounds so awesome!!! He'll have great advice, I'm sure. Happy to hear you had fun with the game. :)

    Cherie - One of mine, too.

    Sylvia - Thanks. His talk shared lots of excellent advice.

    Misha - You're very welcome.

    Jenn - Good idea and good luck on that book!

  10. I love Brandon's advice. Sounded like a good talk. I've only read 2 of those series, and luckily I got both of them right! :)

  11. I really needed Sanderson's advice. Thanks for sharing.

    I should have know which coin was for The Hitchkiker's Guide to the Galaxy--it is the one that is the funnies sounding. :)

  12. Sanderson?! Gah! So jealous! Great advice of his. I think he's my current favorite author... I'm reading Way of Kings to my kids each night.
    I stopped by for the A-Z challenge. Nice work.