I Get to Play Publisher!

Sometimes, my job is just so cool! Last year, I helped a client edit and publish a healthcare business book. It had great success and is currently sitting at about #50,000 on Amazon (a year after publication!).

Well, last week, I was working on a marketing plan for the sequel, due out early next year. It was such a neat opportunity for my two worlds—writing and PR—to overlap.

Here’s what happened:

  • I was perusing Janet Reid’s blog, as I always do, for my own nefarious writing purposes, and happened to read her post about NetGalley.

  • Writer/Reader Nicole thought: What a neat site, why have I not heard of this yet? How can I get me some of those ARCs? Books! I love ‘em.

  • Business Nicole thought: This is a perfect way to expand our community of bloggers and reviewers for the forthcoming sequel. Thank you, Oh Master of Sharkiness, for this serendipitous bit of insight! I’d better find out more.

  •  I emailed Netgalley and received lots of fabulous info I can use to advise my client.

So, to sum up:
  • I found a resource wearing my reader/writer hat
  • Got to interact with them as a publisher for my client (or at least as the duly appointed author rep.)
  • And will apply all that I learned back to my reader/writer side

It’s a glimpse of the kind of decisions and interactions I hope to do with my own published material someday. *cross fingers*


  1. How brilliant! Hooray for experience and learning!

  2. I know! It's been a great experience - lots of good peeks inside the system.