Odes to Our Fave Authors

Have you ever incorporated a secret “author ode” in your writing?

Here’s what I mean. I admire a lot of different authors, and on occasion, I weave a sort of acknowledgement into my writing for savvy readers to discover. It could be a turn of phrase that they use or a character’s name in honor of them, etc.

For example, I think M.M. Kaye is a brilliant writer and these simple lines of dialogue from The Far Pavilions have always stuck with me:

Juli: “I know very well he will not want me back, for after this who is there who would wish to marry one whom the Rana [prince] has rejected?”

Ash: “There is one.” *

I loved the power of those lines so much, I mimicked the “There is one” idea in my WIP, in a completely different genre, setting and circumstance. Honestly, I doubt many readers will pick up on it or make the connection, but I’ll always know it’s my secret little nod to M.M. Kaye (and now, so will you!).

What about you? Do you do this as a writer?

*Ash is a soldier in the British Corps of Guides in India c. 1857 and Juli is a half-caste Indian princess who's been promised to the Rana as an add-on deal during the marriage of her younger sister. This is part of their last conversation before Juli's arranged marriage takes place. It's all very romantical!


  1. I'm making a gigantic, not-secret-at-all nod to Plato. Does that count? ;)

  2. Not purposely as an ode, I'll admit. I do it subconsciously, and then I go back and edit it out of my work, and try to come up with my own version.
    I'm just fussy that way, though.

  3. Chantelle - isn't it funny how much our fave authors influence us, even subconsciously!?