True Confessions: What Crazy Things Have You Done Because of Your Characters?

As writers, we can do some strange things because of our characters. We spend countless hours with them and know them like old friends. I notice that when I’m working intensely on a character, I’ll begin to dress, walk and act a little bit more like them.

I once transitioned from writing a confident, passionate but skeptical character to writing a young, energetic character with a fresh, unjaded perspective on life—my own clothes changed, too. They became less preppy suit and more carefree bohemian.

I’ve also been known to change my hairstyle to match my main female characters’. That could get a little tricky for a space fantasy I have in mind—the MC has white hair with streaks of purple. Yikes! :)

Once, I barely stopped myself from dating a guy who had my hero’s eyes. Mind you, by this time the novel had been completed for years and it was still the first thing I noticed about this guy.

So, what about you? What crazy, embarrassing things have you done in the name of your characters or your story?


  1. I once ate a green ant to see what it tasted like because my character is from the bush. My verdict -- not worth the effort of getting stung.

  2. Wow, I suddenly feel like I need to take this writing this more seriously... Jen, you ate a stinging ant? Who does that? :)

    Yeah, I'm thinking and coming up blank. Time for me to "get in character."

  3. I went shooting in the US in someone's front yard. My main character uses a gun frequently, so I had some lessons on basic gun use. It was SO MUCH FUN! And seeing as guns are pretty much illegal in the UK, it was the first time I ever used one. I can't wait to do it again :D

  4. Jen - That is just all kinds of amazing...with a side of ick. :) I love it!

    TL - I'm not sure I can compete with Jen either. Clearly, we need to take this to the next level!

    Miss Cole - Oh, so fun! If you ever want to shoot again, I know some great ranges here in the states. :)