Fall Goals and Review at Fantasy Faction

Happy post-Labor Day everyone! Hope you all had relaxing weekends and are ready for the craziness of fall.


Sort of.

I had a grand writing plan for the second half of the year that essentially had me drafting two more novels, but I think I'm morphing that to drafting one new novel and editing a second. I'm excited for both of these, so it should be a fun way to round out the year.

How about you? What are you planning for the fall? Writing? Life? Amazing trips?

Jesse James Dawson Review

Speaking of amazing trips, my latest guest post is live at Fantasy Faction so travel on over and take a look (See what I did there?). I'm talking about K.A. Stewart's wonderful Jesse James Dawson series. Urban fantasy fans - it's a must!

Here's a peek:

I discovered K.A. Stewart’s Jesse James Dawson series several years ago when the first installment, A Devil In The Details, hit the shelves. Featuring demon-slaying samurai family man Jesse, the storyline and characters were a breath of fresh air in the crowded and often over-amped urban fantasy market. Jesse puts his own soul on the line in order to win back others’ from the demons. Sort of like betting at poker, except the cards are swords, the cash is souls, and the other players are demons! I loved the action, wit, and strong character relationships (not to mention a certain mysterious demon pal)...Read the full review at Fantasy Faction.


  1. I know all about those grand plans. I'm hoping to publish a short story collection and get a novella and possibly a novel written before the end of the year. *crosses fingers* Good luck with your goals!

  2. Those are great goals! I have two novellas I need to write by November. I'm nearly half done the first one. Plus then there will be many revisions and edits. I want to revise one of my novels too, but that will all depend on if I have the time. Good luck and have a terrific week. :)

  3. Awesome plans, Nicole. I'm planning on writing a new novel this fall and hopefully shopping another. Always submitting. Always writing. :)

  4. I'm going to start putting together ideas in Sept. and Oct. for my NaNoWriMo writing in November!

  5. Cherie - Those are some grand plans, for sure! Good luck to you too.

    Christine - Time is the most challenging factor. I need one of those HP time-turners. :)

    David - That's awesome! Yup, gotta keep that pipeline going.

    Margo - Way to plan ahead for NaNo!

  6. I'd really like to get through a draft of my siren book. I should make that my goal. It's been unfinished so long!

    I also need to get Judy out there more.

    Oh and I want to keep going with my blog. I've been doing so much better since I changed topics :)

  7. Sounds like you have some exciting noveling plans for the fall! Right now I'm just trying to finish revising this book before I think about all of my other stories, languishing away in a dusty corner :(((