Hot Stuff!

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So, it’s been hot lately. Like really hot. Especially in my apartment…where I’m on my laptop basically every waking moment I’m not at work. And, you know, heat is not a laptop’s friend. I was dutifully checking blogs the other day when…

Me: Ah, lovely blog friends. What have you been up to this week? A new book deal, a cover reveal, a launch party! Huzzahs all around!

*Happens to touch the side of the laptop as fingers fly across keyboard in a fit of glee*

Me: Hmm…that’s a little warm. I actually think my finger just burned on the metal. Um, yikes. We need to fix this pronto!

*Looks around. Spots window fan humming away in mid-summer bliss.*

Me: Of course! The perfect solution.

*Stands in front of window fan holding the laptop like a crazy person while still trying to read and type.*

*Tests laptop heat level*

Me: Back to normal! My suuuuper-genius plan worked. Resume blogging and…..Action!

*Two minutes of frantic blog hopping later*

Me: *sniffing* Wait. Is something burning? …is that…oh crap, it better not be my laptop.

*Lunges for window fan again. Stands there for 10 minutes, effectively frightening a poor woman out walking her dogs who happened to look up and wonder why this strange person was standing in the window hunched over some weird object that was blaring music and typing like a one-handed fiend.*

Luckily, all is well in laptop land, but the window fan is not my first-ahem- creative solution. I used to freeze a damp hand towel and place it under my laptop’s cooling pad for a double-cool effect. And, yes, I do have one of those laptop pads with the built-in fan that is supposed to help keep it cool. I just use it waaay too often.

How about you? Have you ever had a feverish laptop? Any tricks to helping it beat the heat?


  1. Sorry but I don't have any suggestions. And this week is supposed to be HOT at least in Ann Arbor.

  2. No other tips either. Except I try not to have it on very long. Just enough to watch a NetFlix movie.

  3. Oh no! Hopefully it cools down soon. :P

  4. My laptop would suddenly not sit flat anymore. Couldn't figure it out for the longest time. It was like one of those tables that needed a matchbook under one leg to even it out. Finally, one day I noticed it was the battery. It had expanded like two inches inside the machine! Kind of scary.

    Hope your laptop is feeling better. The heat has been crazy.

  5. Come to Australia. It's not so hot here at the moment. I've been using my laptop to keep me warm!

  6. Natalie - It's okay. I broke down and got out my little window air conditioner. :)

    Alex - I am sadly addicted to my laptop as it's my main computer at home.

    Rachel - Safely back to the "cool zone!"

    L.G. - Oh my goodness! That does sound scary...and a little hilarious. ;)

    Lynda - Australia sounds lovely right about now.

  7. Uh. I just reached out and felt my laptop. ;) I always worry that it runs too hot! ACK! I love my laptop. It is my main computer.