West, Key - Rainy Day Parasailing

Scene: Key West. Mid-summer. I’m strapped into a parasailing harness next to my friend, Ann, watching the boat below us zip across the brilliant Florida blue.

Enter: Rain. In the distance.

Me: That’s so cool. It’s raining over there. You can see the streaks in the clouds and everything.

Ann: And, look, you can see it hitting the water below. This bird’s-eye view is awesome!

Me: I know, right!…hey, wait…the awesome wall of rain seems to be getting closer…like, a lot closer…very quickly.

Ann: …uh oh.

*About this time, the boat does a 180 and our nice helpful parasail guys below start reeling us in like crazy*

Me & Ann: Faster!

Rain: Gets closer. Falls harder.

Me: Eeep, this is gonna be close…

And suddenly it’s pouring, we are (barely) back in the boat and our parasail guys are tossing us lifejackets to shield against the rain torpedoes as we high-tail it back to the docks, laughing hysterically.

It was a blast!


  1. I had to smile at this fun, wet experience. Well done :)

  2. Sounds awesome, glad he reeled you guys in.

  3. Yeah, it can be nice to look at, not so nice to be in the middle of!

  4. Been parasailing - couldn't imagine doing it and seeing a rain storm headed my way!

  5. That sounds like brilliant fun. You couldn't plan an experience like that!