Virgin Islands - Runnin' on Island Time

To this day, Charlotte Amalie is one of my favorite ports. I love the beautiful landscapes, the myriad bays with that indescribable blue water only found in the Caribbean, and the view of the harbor lights at night from the hills above.

I remember my dad taking me sailing amongst the smaller rocky outcroppings and atolls near our hotel. Just an amazing experience!

One day during our trip, we discovered something else about our home-away-from-home.
Island time runs differently.

As in, slooooower.

Which is fantastic when you’re lounging on a beach, but not so much for when you’ve locked your keys in the trunk during a family vacation.

Yeah…we were staying on St. Thomas and planned to catch the ferry to St. John’s to visit Trunk Bay. It took hours to get a locksmith to open the trunk for us, which takes a special kind of skill considering the island is about 8 miles long at its widest. But we made the best of it, had some laughs amid the frustration and still caught the later ferry to St. John’s.


  1. At least it didn't spoil the holiday! And not a bad place to be stranded. :)

  2. I think Southerners run on that same time.