A Very Special Eye of the Tiger

While the Olympics are all about hard work, determination and mental toughness, we also get to see the athletes have moments of fun and humor too. It's been fantastic to watch the crowds get into the music of the floor routines during gymnastics the last few nights, and it got me thinking. So...we’re breaking out the old classics today for some purely musical inspiration.

Talk about getting in the zone. Does any song get you pumped up more than this one? Especially when it involves Jensen Ackles lip-syncing? (You’re welcome world.)

Break out the boom box, crank it up and get motivated! You know it's gonna be stuck in your head all day.


  1. Oh my,

    I thought it couldn't be *that* EOTT, but yes it was, and yes I am still toe-tapping and screaming "ADDRIEENNEE... I did it ADRIENNNEE..."

    (Actually, I think the Barista has called the cops, so I'd better pack up now....

  2. Hahahaha lovely. I adore this song. :-)