What I Learned in a Week Without My Computer

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A few weeks ago, my computer had some issues. The kind where things won't stay open more than a few minutes and an ominous clicking starts about 20 minutes after each reboot.

Needless to say, I didn't get much writing done. Scratch that. I didn't get ANY writing done.

I'm diligent about backing everything up, so I wasn't concerned about that. But it WAS a challenge to get anything new out on page in between all the mini-crashes and restarts as I tried valiantly to salvage the system through fixes.

What I did discover were new ways to keep moving forward on my story, sans laptop.

  • You can get an amazing amount of things done on your phone, including voice texting yourself blog posts. (I did two!) And cleaning up that pesky Twitter feed.
  • The backlog of writing may melt your brain.
  • Mini tape-recorders are a God-send. I actually managed to "write" a couple thousand words via dictation. I typed them up once I got my new laptop.
  • Catch up on some quality reading time. In between all the reboots while trying to salvage my old laptop, I enjoyed a great read with Maria Dhavana Headley's MAGONIA. 
  • And, when all else fails and you're ready to chuck it out the window, go to bed early. Sometimes it's the best way for imagination to strike.

I'm back in action with a new laptop now. No more brain melting for me!


  1. Glad you got a new laptop and survived without your computer. I have a job writing from home now, so need 2 computers at all times in case one breaks. I just bought a new laptop because our PC--my back up--totally died.

  2. I always enjoy getting away from my laptop for a while, but there's always that one thing that a phone is too fiddly for - like writing looooong things. But that's why I still love handwriting. Comes in handy ;)

  3. Glad you got a new laptop! And were wise enough to save often.
    When all else fails, break out the notebook and pen and start writing.

  4. Natalie - That's the way to do it! I get panicky if I'm ever without a laptop for too long.

    Miss Cole - Aw, I miss handwriting!! I used to do it all the time and still love it.

    Alex - Yes! Another vote for handwriting!! :)