New Reads & New Year's

Welcome to 2015!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. I spent the break writing, editing, reading ... and getting amazing book-nerd gifts like these:

The best Firefly book ever.
It has cast photos, interviews, episode scripts. Shiny! 

Guess what I'll be reading next???

Are you excited for all that 2015 will bring? 

I know I am. I finished edits on my space opera, which means I can finally start my YA steampunk. This'll be an enjoyable one to tackle - it'll push me into new areas for sure - and it's one of two (maybe three) books I have slated for this year. Stay tuned for some fun blog surprises over the next few weeks and months, too!

On the reading side, my full TBR list is perpetually overwhelming (in the best way!), but here's what's up next for me:

  • Finish Jim Butcher's Codex Alera
  • Catch up on all my Rick Riordan
  • Start Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance
  • Finally get to Lies of Locke Lamora (I've only been promising a friend I would for about a year)

And, in case that's not enough, here are the titles releasing in early 2015 that have me most excited!

FireFight - Jan. 6
Brandon Sanderson's second "Reckoners" book hits shelves this week. I enjoyed the first one, and felt the series could really build into something outstanding. I'm eager to see where Sanderson takes it.

Woven - Jan. 27
I'm so excited for David and Michael to finally see their book out in the world! And I'm excited for everyone who gets to read it. Can't wait to see what they have in store.
Red Queen - Feb. 10
This one has been hyped beyond belief, but I'm hopeful all the praise is well-earned. The premise of social classes determined by blood sounds intriguing, and I love the power of the cover!

Cinder Spires, Book #1 - May 7
Jim Butcher's new steampunk series. Yes, you read that right. Butcher is now writing steampunk! And the first book is tentatively set to release on my birthday - even better.

Lion Heart - May 19
Words cannot cleanly express how much I am waiting for the next installment of A.C. Gaughen's take on the Robin Hood legend. I would gladly bribe the publishing world if I thought I could get my hands on an early copy.

How about you? What's on your "reading radar" for this year? Got any goals on the writing front?

And don't forget to stop by Fantasy Faction to read my guest post on Fresh Starts in Fantasy.


  1. Woven and Red Queen are really good. And I need to read something by Brian Sanderson. I can't wait to read Jennifer Nielsen's new book Mark of the Thief.

  2. I want that Firefly book!
    Halfway through Woven right now.

  3. Natalie - I'm jealous that you've already read them!!

    Alex - I'll take more pics of the Firefly book for you. :)

  4. I'm about 60% fine with Words of Radiance. I totally need to finally get to Lies of Locke Lamora as well. I need to start the Codex Alera books! I think I'm must looking forward top VISION IN SILVER BY ANNE BISHOP!

  5. My goal is to read books recently released and slated to be released as a movie this year. The Martian tops my list.

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  7. I need to read A Dance for Dragons before Season 5 of GoT comes out. I'm also interested in reading Stephen King's new book Revival. Good luck on your writing goals! Happy New Year!

  8. You wrote a YA space opera? Truly there are not enough of these out there!

  9. Tabitha - Kudos to you on WOR! That's like the reading the equivalent of 5 normal books. Haha! You will love Codex Alera.

    Stephen - That's a cool goal. I don't even know what else would be on that list, but I bet it gives you really interesting perspective on book vs. movie.

    Michael - Ooh, both good examples. Luck to you too!

    Margo - Technically, it's adult space opera. The YA is up next. But I wouldn't frown if YA'ers enjoyed it anyway. ;)