Woven Cover Reveal

Those of you who know David Powers King (and if you don't, get yourself over to the Cosmic Laire and get introduced!), know this has been a long-time coming. So, without any ado at all, I'm excited to share the cover of Woven, by David and Michael Jensen.

Congrats guys! Doesn't it look fantastic?

Here's a little more about the book in case the cover itself didn't have you drooling enough already:

When Nels, the Kingdom’s most eager aspiring knight, is murdered, his ghost haunts the only person in the kingdom who can see and hear him: the beautiful - but headstrong - Princess Tyra. Together, the ghost and the princess learn that an ancient magic, called Fabrication, has prevented Nels from crossing over to the other side. Nels isn’t really dead - he is just unwoven.

To weave him back to life, Nels and Tyra must journey to find the magic Needle of Gailner, for they’re the only ones who can save each other, the kingdom, and reality itself.


Got Any Reading Recs?

I'm wrapping up the draft of my latest WIP this week, and I'll soon be giving myself a breather to do more reading. Any favorites you want to nominate for my reading list? SFF/YA/MG are all good to me!


  1. I've been following David's blog for awhile, and I'm so excited to see how far he has come.

  2. Love David's cover. I just read Ruin and Rising. It was a good end to the series. Also really liked My Last Kiss.

  3. Congratulations to David and Michael! They've waited forever for this book to happen.

  4. That's a great looking cover. Congrats Michael and David!

  5. Awesome cover! Congratulations, Michael and David! :)

  6. Thank you so much for spreading the word, Nicole! I've got to admit, that cover looks really nice here. :)