Story Songs - Q: Queen


Nobody does stadium rock opera quite like Queen. From Freddie Mercury's screaming vocals to zany yet brilliant lyrics, they've given us epic ballads loved by steering wheel singers the world over. And, of course, the outfits and hairstyles are a story all their own.

So, grab your fake microphone. Here we go!

We Are the Champions

Somebody to Love

Under Pressure


  1. I think Princes of the Universe was my favorite, from the Highlander soundtrack.

  2. You sure are bringing up a lot of memories, Nicole. Steering wheel singers indeed.

  3. Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite. It's like the ultimate example of an artist sticking with his vision and it coming off brilliantly. :-)

    1. Queen was on my playlist back in the day...not that we had playlists back then, lol.