Story Songs - K: King, The Lion


Haha, yes, this is yet another full soundtrack that makes it onto the list. Disney's Lion King is arguably one of the best original animated films of all time, and it's Broadway adaptation only takes it even further. I loved Simba's story as a kid and love it still! It's a great soundtrack to write to because of its vast range of emotions and kick-butt vocals.

Here are some of the tracks that give me goosebumps and fill me with inspiration Every. Single. Time.

The Circle of Life

He Lives in You


Endless Night 

The Roar!


  1. I'd like to see the play sometime. Groundbreaking film when it was released.

  2. Had to comment on this one because I went through a stage where I listened the the Lion King soundtrack over and over and over again, for, like, a month. Maybe longer. I love it!!!! Can you feel the love tonite? I am not familiar with the Broadway adaptation but now i will check it out!