Fantasy Sports Olympics

It’s Olympics season!!!! Those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while know I’m a big fan. I love the games, the competition and the global fandom. During the last Summer games, I hosted the Olympic Blog Relay and had a blast. This year, I’m thinking something a little different is in order. I give you…

The Fantasy Sports Olympics!!!

I’ve chosen 7 characters to compete in 7 fantasy sports, from Quidditch to Sky Jumping. And, yes, I’ve definitely missed some sports (like dragon riding!), so feel free to add ‘em in the comments. Seriously, guys, I really wanted to feature the dragon riding thing, but there are so many varieties and characters, I didn’t want to pick just one.

Each character will play in his or her own sport and will be matched against fellow characters, with a chance to medal in three key categories:
  1. Sheer daring
  2. Athleticism
  3. Teamwork

Cue the Olympic Anthem for the parade of athletes!


And, now, the medal ceremonies!



Harry Dresden wins on this one - riding a T-rex is daring enough, riding a dead skeleton of one brought back to life requires a special kind of crazy. Hope and her friends from Sky Jumpers come in next. Not only do they have the guts to jump off cliffs without harnesses or nets, they do so through a layer of toxic air that can kill them if they forget to hold their breaths! And, the bronze goes to Tris Prior in Divergent for zip-lining off the Sears Tower. I'm not gonna lie...if I could have some guarantee that it wouldn't result in me being flattened like a pancake, this one would be kinda cool!



Hunger Games stands at the top here. The tributes are constantly on the run, forced to survive in and adapt to elements that are literally being created for the express purpose of killing them, AND they have to battle each other on top of that. Yeah...I think they're about as athletic as it gets. Harry Potter and crew make their first medal appearance in the games at the silver level. From Quidditch to deep sea shenanigans to facing dragons (Hey, I got it in here, after all. Huzzah!), they have to be pretty darn athletic - physically and wits-wise. The bronze winner is Vin from Mistborn, who does awesome parkour-like routines off the sides of buildings thanks to her ability to "pull and push" with innate metals. Think of it like those nifty stunt wires...only it comes from within her instead!


And, finally, we have the Teamwork category, where Harry Potter trumps the lot. Clearly, the Gold Medal candidate here after all that Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of the gang go through. Think of Ron's noble sacrifice during Wizard Chess to send Harry safely on to the next obstacle - this crew is all about teamwork! A close second is the cast of The Lightning Thief and other Percy Jackson books. On top of the normal "save-the-world" obstacles, they must overcome millennia of built-in parental feuds that threaten to break up their little group, and they do! Lastly, Hunger Games takes the bronze, because in spite of the whole "we-have-to-kill-each-other" dynamic, there's some decent teamwork going on. The partnerships among tributes of the same District, Rue and Katniss, Peeta and Katniss. And, of course, the coaches and sponsors.

So, there you have it! Did YOUR favorite characters medal? What sports did I forget? How would YOU hand out the medals? Are you planning to watch the Olympics?


  1. That was hilarious! And very creative.

  2. What a creative way to celebrate the Olympics on your blog!

  3. Ha, so clever! It made me smile even though I'm not a big sports fan (gasp!)

  4. Loved this! And I agree with the winners. :)

  5. Alex - Thanks!

    Cynthia - Glad you enjoyed it.

    Lynda - Woo hoo, a smile!

    Cherie - I thought the winners were well-deserved. :)

  6. I enjoyed this more than I enjoy the real Olympics. We're going to have to get Al (Father Dragon) to publish a book so we can add dwarf-tossing into the mix for the next competition.

  7. This was so clever and hilarious! I love it!

    And Hope is very honored to take the silver in Sheer Daring. She's going to go jump off a cliff to celebrate. ;)

  8. I concur! Exceptionally clever and far more interesting than the real Olympics, imo.

  9. Jeff - Dwarf-tossing! Coming in 2016! :)

    Peggy - Glad you enjoyed it! Hope's silver is well-deserved.

    mshatch - Thanks!

  10. That was so much fun! I'd rather watch that than what's on TV now. :)

  11. Ammusing post.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.