Book Love!

I love this article! A Twitter find from last week from the NY Times. I found it charming and heartwarming, and it makes me so happy to realize (yet again) the power and impact of books.

And since it's a Monday, I suggest we all adopt this as our motto for the week.

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on.
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  1. That's a great badge! This can help turn lemons into lemonade.

  2. Love this too! Thanks for bringing a big smile to my face.

  3. Awesome! I love that motto for the week!

  4. Awesome! I'll be thinking of this motto often.

  5. I like it! 2 words that will make me smile when I say them next time I hit a bump in the road.

  6. That is awesome... We're in the airport - suffering through a two-hour delay - and alllll I want to do is yell PLOT TWIST... but I'm sure I'll be tackled by some brutish TSA dude, so I'd better just whisper :)

  7. Great Motto! Thanks for the visit.

  8. Lynda - Isn't it great?

    Stephen - Lemonade is so much better than lemons. :)

    Natalie - You're very welcome.

    Jackie - Thanks.

    Alex - It's a good one.

    Christine - I think so too!

    Miranda - Haha, sounds good.

    Karen - Exactly!

    Mark - Haha! Perfect time to say it...except the blog is fresh out of bail money. :)

    Carolyn - You're welcome!

  9. Boy have I had a lot of plot twists in my life lately!

  10. Fantastic! And what a great motto!

  11. ... I wonder if it works as well when someone tells me something I don't like ...

    That NYtimes article is nice - it's good that books are still appreciated even if you can't read them :)

  12. I love that article! Can't read but loves to hear people tell him what the books were about.

  13. Wow that's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing!

  14. mshatch - All the good stories do. :) Hang in there!

    Cherie - That's what I thought!

    Tara - Thanks.

    Jamie - Yup, for me, the NYTimes article was such a poignant reminder of the simple power of books.

    Margo - I know! It makes me all kinds of happy to imagine people sharing those stories with this man.

    Misha - You're very welcome.

  15. I did not see that coming! Haha. My life is full of plot twists...I guess I should be thankful that I'm being given so many things to write about. Great motto; great positive spin on things that are typically perceived to be negative. Us writers can use them to our advantage.