Writers are Awesome!

In the years I’ve been involved in the writing community, I’ve come to this conclusion again and again--writers are amazing people! I’ve seen writers give of themselves, lift others up and do frankly stupendous deeds that have nothing to do with writing, but always seem to hearken back to the heart of why we write and the type of personality it takes to live this writing life.

It seems like when we’re not writing worlds, we’re working hard to help our own.

I was feeling a little low last month – sick, no voice, general wonderings of where this path was going and whether or not I’d missed some exit or fork in the road along the way – when I stumbled across the latest example of writers doing good! (It was the Pat Rothfuss article below if you’re curious.)

I shouldn’t have been surprised, because I’ve seen it happen over and over again. And I’ve heard it from all of you too: When we need a pick-me-up, the writing community is there to shine a light.

So, I guess I just wanted to say thanks for being amazing, all of you in the writing world! Published or unpublished, newbie writer or hardened veteran of the query wars, across genres, word counts and nations – you guys rock!

Check out these heartwarming stories of writers in action:

  • Holiday Book Drive
    If you're in Indiana, check out this one sponsored by my friend's bookstore!

  • Mark Koopman's 50 States of Pray
    On Christmas Eve, share a prayer, a thought, a memory, a hope and even a regret about the past and/or a wish for the future. See if your state is one of the seventeen eight! still needed.

And remember these little guys from earlier in the year?

Thanks for being your wonderful selves this year! Wishing you all a fantastic holiday and New Year!


  1. We all go through those low points. Hope you're over yours. And yes, the writing community is amazing.

  2. Glad you are out of the low point. This community of writers is amazing beyond words.

  3. I agree -- the blogosphere is filled with a wonderful web of caring and supporting writers!

    OK -- not that all writers are caring and supporting, but luckily, most of the crabby, self-centered ones stay off the innerwebs, or at least never leave their own blogs. :)

    And some great links -- I've signed up for the 50 States of Preay. :)

    I hope you're feeling better and that you have a wonderful, joyous, love-filled holiday!

  4. Writers are definitely amazing people! Happy Holidays!

  5. Natalie - Haha, yes, it didn't last long! But it's always nice to get a little cheer.

    Alex - Yup, they really are.

    Chris - Glad you liked the links! Hope you have a great holiday, too.

    Cherie - You too!

  6. Writers are so awesome! Love the story about the boy helping his friend! :) I hope you are out of the lowness. :)

  7. Hey Nicole,

    THANKS so much for the shout out - I really appreciate it :)

    See you on Christmas Eve :)

  8. Rothfuss is definitely awesome. Definitely.

  9. You are right, the writing community does seem to be full of gracious people and giving people. I can't even keep track of all the events... I'm glad you've taken the time to compile some of them here!