I Remember

I remember it was a beautiful, blue-sky day.

I remember thinking it was a joke when a classmate first told us a plane hit a building in New York…until my best friend said, “They got the Pentagon too.”

I remember watching with my entire AP US History class, in silent shock, as the towers fell.

I remember crying.

I remember my French teacher showing us footage not allowed on US channels.

I remember being furious that my swim coach kept us for practice that evening when there was so much more important going on.

I remember going to pre-dawn practice the next morning and thinking how eerie it was not to see any blinking lights of planes in the dark sky above.

I remember going to church.

I remember heroes: on the planes, in the stairwells, in the streets.

I remember how NYC came together, how the nation came together, how the world came together.

I remember those we lost.

I remember…

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  1. This is great, and 'I remember' always makes for a good writing prompt :)

  2. thanks for sharing your memories. i had two babies at the time. my mom called and then i started watching the horror.

    will never forget