Paths & Prizes

One of my writing buddies shared this cool infographic from Jane Friedman about the different paths to publishing. We all know it can be a crazy journey, and I thought this was a helpful guide to some of the more common options. Just click it to enlarge. You can also get a downloadable version at Jane's site.

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In Other Fun News...

  • For all you grammar and language nerds out there, check out this summary of the quirky regional differences in common words and phrases. And, yes, I do say "bubbler." Rock on, Wisconsin!

Week #1 Giveaway Winner

The winner from last week's comments is J.A. Bennett!! Congrats! Send me an email to let me know which prize you prefer.
And, don't forget, the giveaways go on all month. Get the details here.


  1. Congrats Bennett. I already read Nathan's post and it was very funny. Jane's info graphic shares a lot of interesting information. It's good that you have a giveaway going.

  2. Congratulations, JA!
    I'd never heard of a partnership.

  3. Ha! I have a friend in Maine who I love to tease for some of his NE colloquialisms. Sent him a whole list of Maine words I needed translated into actual, you know, English. :P

  4. Very cool infographic! And I liked Bransford's GIF too. SO funny.

  5. Congrats to JA! Love that infographic. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I can't believe I won! Wahoo! Thank you so much!

  7. I just looked at that pronunciation thing and it's funny becasue I was just talking to Kelley Lynn ( about the bubbler thing. She's from Wisconsin too :)

    1. Yeah, it's kind of an infamous thing for Wisconsinites. And Kelley lives right in the same area as me. We did lunch a few months back. ;)

  8. I loved Nathan's post. I couldn't stop laughing.

  9. Such a great tool for writers. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Those GIF montages are always fun. Bubbler. LOL

  11. Nathan's post was awesome! And I first heard of a bubbler from my Wisconsin friends. :)

  12. Sheena - I laughed at Nathan's post too.

    Alex - I was glad to find out more details on that one too.

    L.G. - Funny! I think we all have those little colloquialisms.

    Emily - Glad you enjoyed it.

    Christine - Of course!

    J.A. - Yay! Congrats to you. The book's on its way.

    Stina - I had the same reaction. :)

    Charmaine - Glad you liked it.

    Miranda - You're very welcome.

    Jeff - GIF montages suck me in too.

    Cherie - Gotta have WI friends!

    Carolyn - Yes...we are undeniably cool here in Wisconsin and say amazing things like "bubbler." ;)