Yellowstone – Mom is Always Right

Everyone wants to see bison when they’re at Yellowstone, and we’d seen plenty and more by the time we pulled over the car at the site of the latest animal-gazing crowd. Still, we couldn't resist stopping to see what everyone was looking at.

Yet another herd of buffalo, lounging in a distant field across a stream.

By this point, my dad was about to pull a Clark Griswold. “Great. Buffalo. Yup, there they are. Look at that. Let’s go.”

My mom, ever the optimist, said “Hold on a minute. It looks like one is going to cross the river.”

My dad sent her a look. “C’mon. It’s not going to cross the river. These people have probably been waiting around for hours to see that happen. It’s not going to do it now just because we showed up.”

Two minutes later, it was swimming across the river.

Proof that moms really are always right.


  1. Sometimes there is such a thing a good timing!

  2. Hi Nicole, Found your blog through the Challenge and really love the clean blue look of it :) Moms are not only right they have a second sense about all kinds of things! I wish my mom were still around because I miss her excellent advice and insight.

  3. Yes they are. I hope you had a camera! :)