Quills & Qdoba

Two Qs for today! Both were fun little side-stops on larger trips, but generated memories of their own too.

Quills: We're in the middle of a rainy drive through rural Ireland and suddenly come upon the Quills store--an oasis of warmth and wool! I bought my favorite Aran sweater from here.

Qdoba: Seven college students crammed in a van headed south for a mission trip, and it turns out one of the guys looooooves Qdoba. The first stop made sense - we were hungry, Qdoba sounded delish; the next stop was kind of fun, it became a thing and we all got some good laughs. The multiple stops beyond that...well, those were fun too! We literally mapped it out to stop at every highway exit with a Qdoba until we reached our destination.


  1. Second Drecker. I want a book quill...strange that's my thought after reading this, no?