North, Up – The Great Swimsuit Caper

First off, yes, we here in Wisconsin call pretty much everything "Up North." It's where the entire state (and half of Illinois) escapes to during summer weekends.

One of those weekends, I was relaxing at the family cabin all by my lonesome, swimming, lounging and overall re-energizing. Day One was awesome. I headed inside after watching the stars, changed and threw  my swimsuit on the line outside to dry.

When I woke up on Day Two, I had a mystery to solve.

There was a suit on the line...but it wasn't mine. And mine was nowhere in sight.

At first, I thought I must had misremembered and thrown it over the shower rod instead. I checked. Nope. Nothing.

I think I stood in front of our clothesline for a good 20 minutes trying to piece things together. Had someone accidentally put their suit on our line? But, then, why would mine not also be there?

We were not a main road, the only houses around us were other cabins and, somehow, in the middle of the night, my two-piece got swapped for a brown one-piece.

It was (and still is) a stumper.

The only thing I can think of is that someone literally stripped off their suit, left it on the line, and changed into mine as a joke. Yeah... Doesn't sound appealing right? Plus, our yard has the only spotlight in it for the entire lake.

Wise choice, buddy. Wise choice.

I never did find out who took it. Maybe this summer...


  1. Weird... maybe someone just really wanted a new swimsuit and couldn't afford it?

  2. That's kind of creepy. But what a great opening scene for a story, um, if you could figure out why someone took it. Weird.

  3. Bizzare.. Why would someone take someone else's swimsuit.. Next time you should yet again keep a swimsuit and set it up as a trap to fins the thief..

    - Your fellow A to Zer
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