Kentucky Derby – Mudslide

The drink du jour at the Kentucky Derby is hands down the Mint Julep. It’s as classic as fast ponies and fancy hats, but the first time I went to the Derby, we had more mudslides than juleps.

See, it rained. All. Day.

We had tickets on the infield, which is, in fact, a field. Tromped down, muddy, gross – and a whole heck of a lot of fun!

We and our fellow Derby-goers weren’t about to let a little (or a lot) of rain get us down. We’d come prepared with garbage bag ponchos for our dresses AND our hats. The sandals were harder to cover. There was no escaping the cold squishy mud between our toes.

By mid-day, conditions on the infield were so bad (or so horribly awesome!) that people had set up several different mudslides, zooming down the rain-drenched hills in all their dirty glory. The longest slide ended rather unfortunately at the concrete base of the girls’ bathroom. Ouch!

Being the classy lady I am (garbage bag ponchos, hello?!), I did not partake. The people watching alone was priceless, and it was a great way to pass the time. We had a blast. I even won the big Derby race by picking the winner!

When we got back to our hotel that night, we spent a loooooong time washing the mud out of our sandals.


  1. Cool garbage bag poncho. In Jamaica at a concert when it was raining some smart young people fashioned clothes coverings out of plastic bags and sold them to concert goers. Innovation at work.

    Glad despite all the mud you had a great time. You're definitely following the hat part of the derby tradition.

  2. I would've joined you in the people watching. Bet it was a riot.

  3. My wife's favorite drink is the Mudslide! :)

  4. Stopping by from the #atozchallenge !

    Love the poncho!