Indiana - Shake, Rattle & Roll

My friend and I stopped overnight in Indiana on our way to a girls’ weekend in Nashville. We were pooped after a long day of work and driving, so by the time we pulled into the hotel around midnight, we were ready for sleep.

That plan started out fine. Then, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, we were both pulled awake.

“’S going on?” my friend asked, bleary-eyed.

I twisted in a confused heap in my bed. “I dunno. Is someone pounding on our door?”

We stared a while, blinked a few times and, when nothing happened, crashed back onto our pillows. The next morning, it took us a bit to remember that we’d woken up at all.

“Dude, what was that weird shaking last night?”

“Yeah, it was bizarre. Like a mini earthquake or something. What would do that?”

We stumbled down to the continental breakfast, laughing about the idea of an earthquake in central Indiana.

And then we saw the news.

Which promptly informed us, “If it feels like an earthquake…it’s an earthquake.”

The "Parthenon" in Nashville was still standing when we got there...despite our little brush with a quake! :)


  1. Well, that was unexpected! hehe. I've been in an earthquake before, but in Tokyo ;)

  2. :) Knocking on the door? Cute. When that happened last time here (also in the middle of the night), I thought something strange was happening on the train tracks behind our house.

  3. Cute story! Glad it wasn't any worse.

  4. Indiana and Kentucky are on, or near, a of which I can't remember the name of, at the moment....but when I lived in Kentucky, back in the 80s we had a pretty decent one.

    Scary stuff, though!

    Left and Write