Chlorinated Inspiration

Back when I was swimming, my coaches made us keep “swim journals.” We had to write down all the sets we did in practice, what we ate, our resting heart rate, our goal times, etc.

I found my journal the other day and had fun paging through it. The coolest part was the cover, where I remember papering all sorts of encouraging, motivational quotes. Several of them apply as much to writing and life in general as they did to swimming.

So here, in all their decade-old semi-soggy glory, are those words of inspiration:

In case you can't read them:

"I am an investor. I invest all of my heart and soul."

"The most valuable gold and silver are paid for in sweat." (Or, really, any prize worth keeping)

"Most people want to win. But not everyone believes he or she is capable of winning. Empty works can fail thousands, but that which is in the heart, life will surely expose."


  1. I love it! I think I need to make one of these to keep track of my fitness (and motivate me to keep at it). Love the quotes!

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  2. Don't you love it when you find old diaries? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are some amazing quotes. I think the third one is the reason why many people are unhappy. They gave up before even trying.

  4. lovely quotes! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. I love that! My co-worker and I exchange quotes all day (we're both artists, so we motivate each other that way). My favorite so far is, "There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." - Napoleon Hill.


  6. Awesome! Love the inspirational quotes.

  7. Great idea and though provoking quotes. I also enjoyed "chlorine damages hair" since I spent most of my childhood with green hair.

  8. I love this, Nicole. I think I will make a quote collage for my writing. :)

  9. This is awesome...and should be treasured forever!!! :)

  10. That is SO AWESOME Nicole! I love it. I kind of want to make one for me... right NOW!

  11. I used to keep up with Melrose Place back in the day... I love all the inspirational slogans on your collage! I feel pumped up to do something just by reading through these.

  12. That's a great journal! Glad your coach made you do it. I can see how they can apply to writing as well.

  13. Jamie - It's pretty handy to have.

    Miss Cole - You're welcome.

    Misha - Never give up! ;)

    Alex - Definitely!

    Jackie - Thanks.

    Nutschell - Glad to share.

    Ashley - I love that one. I'm a huge quotes girl.

    Christine - Me too!

    Leslie - My hair was green too...and frozen after morning practices in the winter. ;)

    Linda - Go for it!

    DL - It's definitely got some cool memories.

    Leigh - Haha, sounds fantastic!

    Cynthia - Isn't that so funny?! I actually never did watch Melrose Place, but I loved the idea of sacrifice in that quote.

    Miranda - Thanks.

  14. That's really cool about the swimming journal, and I love how you decorated with all those fantastic quotes!

  15. I think I need to do something like this to post by my computer. Inspirational writing quotes. What a great way to start the day. :D