Coloring the Page: Metals

Last year, we covered all the colors of the rainbow in our “Color Thesaurus” series. I’m bringing it back for two bonus entries. Today focuses on the metallic hues we might use in our writing, and next Wednesday will be gemstones.

These posts aren’t synonyms in themselves as much as they are mini-descriptions of these items so we can use them as color synonyms.

Brass: Between brown and gold
Bronze: Moderate yellowish to olive brown
Copper: Reddish brown metallic
Iron: Silvery gray, lustrous
Lead: Bluish gray
Nickel: Silvery and hard
Platinum: Bright silvery gray
Silver: A lustrous white
Tin: Silvery metallic
Zinc: A bluish gray, slightly brighter than lead


  1. You should collect all these from the color thesaurus and put them on a separate page on your blog. I'm all about the new page button today. :)

  2. And most of those are related to currency as well.
    Sorry, that's the D&D geek talking.

  3. I've used some of these in the past. I'm going to challenge myself to use the word zinc next I think! Interesting post.

  4. These entries have been really cool and great for my writing. Thanks, Nicole!

  5. Of them all, I like silver the most. But that's just because it looks stunning on my VERY fair skin. :-)