Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Danke!

Vikki and Tara are giving us a wonderful chance to pause and thank the people who have helped us on the way. These "thank yous" might seem simple, but they mean the world to me!

• To Mom and Dad – My love of reading and writing started with you, and I’m so grateful that you’ve always supported and encouraged me over the years, even my over-active imagination.

• To Katie – You are more like a sister to me than anyone. Thanks for all the inside jokes, the fellow love of fantasy, and for always knowing what it means to be a dreamer.

• To the original Tuesday night crew at All Writers, especially Kathy, Mark, Mary Ann and Kristen – You guys are incredible. I am so, so lucky to have such an awesome group of writers in my own backyard. Your stories are amazing, your feedback is wise and your friendship is priceless.

• To Karen – You have been so helpful and supportive, and it’s always great to hear your perspective. Plus, it’s fun to chat, and I’m always happy to return the favor for any of your WIPs!

• To all my fellow bloggers and writers and readers – Thanks for believing!

And, above all, thanks to God. Without Him, there’d be no stories…and I would have surrendered the dream long ago.


  1. "And, above all, thanks to God. Without Him, there’d be no stories…and I would have surrendered the dream long ago."

    Like. :)

  2. That is so nice! What a wonderful bloghop!

  3. beautiful heartfelt thanks! so glad you took part!

  4. Very lovely thank you, thank you for taking part!

  5. Well done. We all need someone who believes in us, so we can believe in ourselves.

  6. Beautiful post! Amen! God does miracles, doesn't He? He guides us through this grueling wriitng journey and then, we see our dream come true after we've paid our dues, of course! So much thanks going around the blogosphere today - it's been fun reading all these posts! :)

  7. Having a support system is fabulous. This online writing community is, too.

  8. It looks like you have a great support system all around! My support groups are the ones who keep me going (and God, of course)! So nice to meet you! New follower :)

    Writing Through College

  9. Mmm. I especially like that last bit. How many people forget to count Him, eh?

  10. What a lovely heartfelt post. Our blogging community is so supportive. I am a new follower, looking forward to getting to know you better :)

  11. Hey,

    You know what? You're the first person I've read that thanked God and their parents.

    Duh... to ME!!!

    Well said, Nicole, well said :)