Coloring the Page: Orange

The “Descriptive Kaleidoscope” of color synonyms rolls on with today’s entry on ORANGE. For those just tuning in, these synonyms were compiled by a gentleman who is blind but had his sight until he was 11.

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The list for orange is short, because some of the variations are already covered in the posts for “Red” and “Yellow.” But what better color than this to kick off Autumn?

Apricot: Moderate, light or strong orange to orange yellow
Burnt Orange: Dark brownish reddish orange
Ocher: Moderate orange yellow
Saffron: Strong to moderate orange yellow
Tangerine: Strong reddish orange to vivid orange


  1. I'm wandering about blogland this afternoon and am mesmerized by this--I've added this thesaurus to my favorites list, I love it so!

  2. Interesting how many of those are edible!

    1. Haha - you're so right! I never noticed that before.

  3. Interesting. I like the idea of there being so many different ways to describe a color, and so many variations.

    Thanks for posting!

    PS: I'm new here. Nice to meet you!

  4. For some reason, I'm suddenly in the mood for some tropical fruit punch after reading this.

  5. Enjoyed this! I'm going to go off and start up my oil lamp - with the orange one of course ;)

  6. Very interesting. It's always good to vary our descriptions in writing - funny how those words conjure up different and distinctive images.