A Writer's 'If'

The original 'If' by Rudyard Kipling is one of my favorite poems and inspirational quotes of all time! It's a great motivator for when you're holding on to dreams with your last fraying thread.

If you've never read it before, find it here.

So, imagine how thrilled I was to discover a writer's version of it, penned by Jon Gibbs, who posted it at his blog and over at the Bransforums.

LOVE it!


Read the rest here!


  1. This is great! A nice twist on a classic poem. Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

  2. Very nice. And a good piece of writing to keep taped up near the computer for future reference.

  3. And now my poetry threshold is met for the day. Thanks for that! :)

  4. Oh, how I love that poem, Nicole. Thanks for sharing the writer's version. :)

  5. If you can do all that, you will succeed.

  6. Hey,

    That was a fun read, and I am sooooo not into poetry (is that bad:) but I dig it that tons of people are, so each to their own, right:)

    As long as we can be Writers, it doesn't matter what we write, as long as it makes us happy.

    Good grief I am rambling today :)

  7. It's one of my favorite poems. I love that there's a writer's version now. :-)

  8. I love it! I might just have to print that out. Thanks for sharing! :-)