One Moment

The next time you see a medal ceremony on TV, watch the face of the person who took Gold. These are, without doubt, my single favorite moments in the Games. And the most powerful.

You see, this is when it all starts to sink in for the athletes. The work is over, the race is won, and the full impact of what they’ve accomplished finally hits them. As the medal is placed around their neck and the first notes of their nation’s anthem begin to play...right then...that’s when you see this change come over them.

Some smile, some sing along, some fight back tears. Many simply stand there in silent awe, drinking it all in. But you can always see it in their eyes – years of sacrifice, sweat and tears have come down to this moment. It must be the most humbling, fulfilling, rewarding moment of their lives. I can't fully imagine what they must experience. They’ve done that rare thing we all strive to do: catch our most closely-held dreams.

It never fails to get me.

Sometimes, I wonder what that moment will be for me in writing. When will it truly hit me? What will it take to get that feeling? I don’t know yet. I don’t even think there’s only one possibility – there are many – and like the Olympic athletes, I’ll keep striving until I reach one.

And then I’ll break down with a great big smile on my face and sob like a baby!

What does that moment look like to you?

Tomorrow's Coach and Champion: Alex Cavanaugh


  1. I came close a few years ago and even the "near-feeling" is something I'll never forget :)

    I think there are two moments that will make me break down and suffer from some leaking Man-tear ducts:

    When I hold the first copy of my published book.

    When I see a stranger reading the same.

    *That* will be awesome :)

  2. How have I missed this awesome series? What a cool idea!

    I agree with Mark. The moment for me would be seeing someone on the bus or train reading a copy of my book!

  3. Watch Misty and Kerri last night get their third Gold for women's beach volleyball was awesome. Kerri was crying during the ceremony.
    Watching my books bounce around on the Amazon UK best seller list the past few months has been one of those moments for me!

  4. What a great post, Nicole! You're right -- those are always huge emotional moments, and they always get me a little misty... Well, in a manly way, of course -- crying over sports is allowed. ;^)

  5. Mark - Those would be two powerful moments to be sure!

    JC - I'd definitely geek out if that happened. :)

    Alex - I saw Misty and Kerri. It was pretty incredible. I hope you're drinking in all that great success you've had!

    Chris - Except in baseball, right? According to Tom Hanks. ;)

  6. I picture that moment in visualizations for the future and I can't wait to finally get there. You described the moment beautifully. I'd like to just drink it in, but I'd probably wouldn't be able to hold back tears. But at that moment, there would be no shame in that.