Why You Should Cheer for Khatuna Lorig

Who is she, you ask?

Quite the talented lady it turns out. She’s an amazing archer, a past Olympic medalist (bronze in 1992), and she taught Jennifer Lawrence her bow skills for the Hunger Games movie.

See, haven’t we been saying writing and the Olympics are tied together all along? :)

Here’s a great article about Khatuna and her love of the sport.

I share a love of shooting my bow, too, so I’ll be watching the Women’s Individual scores over the next few days and cheering for Khatuna!

How about you?

Tomorrow's "Coach:" Leigh Covington!


  1. Oooh, great tip!
    How about Kim Rhode, who just won a gold medal after medaling in five consecutive Olympics for skeet shooting. She's hit 99 out of 100 shots.

  2. YES! I read an article about her not long ago and how she trained Jennifer Lawrence for the movies. She sounds like a fascinating lady. Archery is such a cool Olympics event.

  3. I love archery. Hopefully I'll earn enough soon to get the bow I've always wanted. :)

  4. SWEET! They are "literally" linked! That's so cool!

  5. Ooo, I've always wanted to learn archery. That's really cool about her.