Coloring the Page: White

Back to the color wheel of synonyms! Today’s spin landed on WHITE. These entries are based on one of my favorite writing tools — a descriptive kaleidoscope of color synonyms created by a gentleman who is blind but had his sight until he was 11.

Check out the details of the tool and previous color entries here.

Alabaster: Translucent or tinted white
Albescent: A moderately white color, fair
Caucasian: White, but generally used as a generic description of white
Chalky: Pale or dull white; can be a light grayish yellow
Creamy: Pale yellow or off-white
Dove: Soft shade of white; often with a hint of warmth
Egg Shell: An off white with yellowish undertones
Ivory: Creamy or off-white; can also be a very pale yellowish white
Lily: Pure white
Milky: Off white
Mother of Pearl: Yellowish white, grayish or silvery white
Pale: Less than pure white
Platinum White: A metallic form of white
Sallow: Sickly yellowish white, pallid
Snow White: Pure white
Vanilla: Strong creamy white with undertones of yellow
Wan: Pale white


  1. Ivory, mother of pearl and vanilla are my favorite shades of white. :-)

  2. These are so fun! Sometimes it amazes me how many synonyms there are for something. :)

  3. I really enjoy this series, Nicole!

    And I'm definitely looking forward to the start of the Olympics "Ignite the Fire" Blogathon!

    You know, in Great Britain, I've hear they have a whole territory set aside to salute this color -- I think it's called the Isle of White... ;^)

  4. A great variety of synonyms for white! These words fire the imagination!