Onscreen Authors We Love: Alex Sheldon

Today’s onscreen author is the hapless and lovable Alex Sheldon, as portrayed by Luke Wilson in Alex & Emma.

I really love how his muse changes with the wind. He imagines his main female character—and coincidentally his love interest, Emma—as everything from a Russian school marm to a French nanny.

Emma (Kate Hudson) is also hilarious as the reader/stenographer who is constantly second-guessing Alex’s initial ideas. She makes the story better in the process, and it’s so fun to see their creative process and the “imagined” world of their actual characters.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize that this was a nine year old movie. I was watching the trailer and thought this would be a great movie for my wife and me to go see. Now I guess we can rent it. :)

  2. Okay. I need to see this movie. Being part of a collaboration at the moment, that trailer hit the process spot on. Nice one! :)

  3. I missed this movie when it was out, and so I did a little investigating -- according to the reviews at IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, this is definitely NOT Rob Reiner's best film. (Personally, I lean towards "The Princess Bride", but that's just me).

    Roger Ebert pretty much slams it, especially when it comes to the whole novel-writing thing ("But the thing is, it's a bad novel. Very bad. Every time the author started dictating, I was struck anew by how bad it was").

    Yet -- I still want to see it, just based on the trailer, and the fact that it's a cute love story about an author. I know I won't consider it "Citizen Kane" great, but I'll probably still enjoy it. Maybe I just have a thing for bad novels -- Lord knows I've spent plenty of time writing my own bad novel... ;^)

  4. I've never seen Alex & Emma. Better make a plan to change that. :-D

  5. Michael - I think you'd enjoy it. It's good, light entertainment.

    David - Yes, it's quite the collaboration attempt. ;)

    Chris - Haha! Roger Ebert's comments are hilarious, because the "book" is sort of a spin on the Great Gatsby, which is supposed to be an American Classic. I guess I never thought of this movie that seriously, but it sure is fun!

    Alex - True, true. :)

    Misha - Enjoy!