Measure Your Life In…

If you’re anything like me, this wonderfully hectic and zany time of year can sometimes cause your perspective to slip. Panic sets in:

"I'm missing my daily word counts!@#! I'm behind on edits!#*! I haven't checked the blogs in ages!&^#! I am a terrible writerly person!#?!"

It’s hard to think about advancing our writing when we don’t even have time to…
            …shop for gifts

I’m here to tell you that’s okay! Healthy, even! It’s perfectly all right to take a short detour or pit stop along the road to our dreams, as long as we find our way back.

When the craziness gets to be overwhelming, I like to take a deep breath and measure my day by three simple things:
  1. Did I put in an honest day’s work?
  2. Did I get one step closer to my dreams? (Even a teeny, tiny, baby step)
  3. Did I help someone without expecting something in return?
If I can say yes to all of these, I know I’ll sleep sweetly at night!

So in the midst of the holiday chaos, pause, catch your breath, and take time to drink in everything around you. This season is magic (your muse will probably run on overload if you let it)!

And, trust me, the writing will still be there when you emerge from the whirlwind once again.


  1. Yesterday was my "WHY IS NOTHING GETTING DONE?!?!?!?" day. But your number 2 reminded me I did take some baby steps, so it's not all bad :)

    Great advice.

  2. Great advice Nicole. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Hope you have an awesome Christmas and new year xxx

  3. Nice. I like #2 and #3. We live in a world where enough is never enough. As kids we get back pats and hugs for doing all the little things but as adults it's all too easy to be overwhelmed.

    I've been telling people that there's so much excitement that I have not time be excited.

    In addition to regular ol' holiday stuff I've had/have all this too!

    A basement remodel.
    A new addition to the family due at any moment.
    A book launch party over and done with now but DAMN! that was a lot work and pressure.
    A 20 month old boss calling the shots.

    Five minutes in the Walgreens parking lot listening to music is vacation nowadays. :)

  4. Miss Cole - #2 is the one I need to keep reminding myself about, too.

    Eve - You too!

    Ryan - Love your comment about listening to music in the parking lot. I've been there, man! So true. Sounds like you have quite the crazy (But awesomely exciting!) schedule lined up. Good luck with it all! And keep us posted on how your book's doing on the Bransforums. :)

  5. Great advice!
    As they say, take time to stop and smell the roses along the way...
    Enjoy the holidays!

  6. Thank you for that; I can't tell you how much I needed those words! So glad to have found your awesome blog! :)

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  8. Take two...

    Mish - Exactly! Hope you have a great holiday, too.

    Kimberly - You're very welcome. I figure we can all use a boost this time of year! Glad you found the blog and thanks for following.