Best of 2011

This year was a long, challenging one for me, but along the way I had some crazy fun experiences!

I’ve been on top of the Smokies…

…and at the bottom of a mud pit.

I entered the realm of query madness, worked on several new stories, and started this blog.

Here are some of my other favorite discoveries of 2011.

Fave MG Book of the Year: Tie between John Stephens’ The Emerald Atlas and Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles

Fave Series of the Year: Tie between C.L. Wilson’s Tairen Soul series and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files

Fave TV Series of the Year: You’re Beautiful (Most romantical use of a hairpin ever. EVER!)

Fave TV Episode of the Year: The Castle season 3 finale

Fave New Pandora Songs of the Year:
Wicked, Twisted Road – Reckless Kelly
Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons
Los Angeles – Peter Bradley Adams
Courage – Orianthi

So, thanks to all my family, friends and you guys for a wonderful, blessed year. And bring on 2012!


  1. Glad you had a good 2011, and I hope you have an awesome 2012. By the way, there's a blog award for you over at my blog:

  2. Man, everyone's doing these "best of 2011" posts. I can't even remember what I read last month let alone last January... I think I have too many kids. They drain my brainpower.

  3. Thanks Angeline! Ditto on the wishes for a great 2012!

    Sarah, I'll admit...I think I wrote this post before Thanksgiving. :) Because I knew I wouldn't have time to try to remember everything this week!

    Miss Cole - You too!

  4. Have a fabulous New Year, Nicole!
    See you around in 2012...