Thank You for the Stories

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S., and I’ve come to realize that one of the things I’m most thankful for is simply the chance to write.

Think about it…our lives are so good in every other aspect, without worries over essentials like food and shelter, that we are actually allowed the opportunity to pursue our dreams.

Day in and day out.

In the big scheme of the world, that’s a pretty rare gift, and I am so grateful for it – even (and especially) on my toughest writing days.

Remember the old Abba song from Mama Mia, Thank You for the Music? Well, I’m officially changing it to Thank You for the Stories, because that’s another thing I’m grateful for. All of my fellow authors out there, including you, who have chosen to share their words with me. Stories impact me in a way that nothing else does. They leave an imprint, no matter how small, and I am forever changed by them.

So, thank you!

And if you’re wallowing in a mid-NaNo funk, here’s some inspiration to help you stay in the fight! The next track in the NaNo soundtrack:

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