Coloring the Page: Blue

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you know that one of my favorite writing tools is a Color Thesaurus created by a gentleman who is blind but had his sight until he was 11. You can read all about it in my initial post here, along with some great alternatives for “Red.”

Since everyone’s busily writing away for NaNo, I thought it might be the perfect time another entry in our “Coloring the Page” series: BLUE.

Hope this gives you some new options for those tricky descriptions!
  • Aquamarine: Bluish green.
  • Azure: A light, purplish blue.
  • Baby Blue: Light to pale blue, or greenish or purplish blue.
  • Cobalt: Glassy or ceramic blue.
  • Cornflower Blue: Powdery light blue.
  • Diamond Blue: Sparkling blue and translucent.
  • Egg Shell Blue: Normally considered a light shade of blue.
  • Electric Blue: Bright metallic illuminating blue.
  • Ice Blue: Glassy, transparent or translucent blue.
  • Indigo: Blue to grayish purple blue.
  • Metallic Blue: Silvery, somewhat reflective blue.
  • Midnight Blue: Dark blue, almost black.
  • Navy Blue: A dark grayish blue.
  • Neon Blue: Glowing, illuminating blue.
  • Ocean Blue: Normally considered a darker shade of blue.
  • Peacock Blue: A moderate to strong greenish blue.
  • Powder Blue: A light pale blue.
  • Rich Blue: Bright clear blue.
  • Robin Egg Blue: A very pale, or light, blue.
  • Royal Blue: A deep to strong blue.
  • Sapphire: A rich blue, sometimes a light green mixed.
  • Sky Blue: Deep blue to light or pale blue; usually dark blue.
  • Turquoise: Bluish green.

As always, the Bookshelf Muse is another fantastic resource for synonyms of all kinds. Best of luck writers!


  1. Courtesy of the school children, I was covered in metallic blue today ;)

  2. Ha - well I guess it's better than them covering you in Robin's Egg blue, right?!