Judging A Book By Its Cover, Or Why I Love Michael Whelan

Today’s post is all about pretty pictures. Actually, make that amazing pictures in the form of cover art.
We all have a favorite cover artist. The one we’ve dreamed of having design our own cover. For me, it’s Michael Whelan. His work is breathtakingly gorgeous and brilliant, and I think I might give a non-essential organ for him to do my cover.

Just for fun, here’s the link to his gallery.

I also really love the work of Christian McGrath. I first saw his stuff on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, and recognized his hand on The Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy several months later. I’d love this vibe for a steampunk I’m working on. (Edit: I just now realized he’s done all the Dresden covers too!)

Link to your favorites in the comments trail and I’ll add ‘em here!

Steampunk Costume Bonus!
Also, this really doesn't belong in the same category as the beautiful pics above, but this was my fantabulous steampunk costume for Halloween. Gotta love Goodwill - I made the whole thing for under $30.


  1. I agree, those are incredible artists. You did a fantastic job on your costume, too.

  2. Thanks Jamie! I could spend hours looking through their galleries - there are definitely some very talented cover artists out there.

  3. Michael Whelan, all the way. Until recently, he was the only cover artist I could name. I have framed greeting cards with his work on them hanging on my walls. <3

  4. Wow--that costume looks AMAZING! Great job!

  5. Margo - Ooh framed cards by Michael Whelan?!? Where do I get some?

    TL - Thanks! It was such a blast to put it all together.