Power Couples

Let’s have some fun, shall we? Who are your favorite “Power Couples” in literature?
You know, those couples who are just perfect for each other, whose love can move mountains, defeat hordes of undead or stop the unraveling of the universe, who are oh-so-awesome together! They can come from any genre—Darcy and Elizabeth, Aragorn and Arwen. You pick!

Here are mine: FYI – I like couples who will stand back-to-back and face down an army together. That kinda love kicks so much ass!

Ash & AnjuliThe Far Pavilions
Lessa & F’LarDragonriders of Pern series
Rohan & SionedDragon Prince
Perrin & FaileWheel of Time
Tal & MillaThe Seventh Tower
Beatrice & BenedickMuch Ado About Nothing

*Bonus TV mention (because I just finished the season): Go Minam and Taekyung from "You're Beautiful." I adore their love story!


  1. Paul and Chani- Dune, Dune Messiah
    Wesley and Buttercup- The Princess Bride
    Beren and Luthien- The Silmarillion